New video conferencing solution with session recording for all our classes and trainings

Geposted von Matthias Behrends am

Everyone trying to call home to family on a Saturday across the globe knows: Skype is an amazing service - most of the time. But sometimes not so much...

Not only does Zoom have a very smart data infrastructure that keeps downtime during classes at a minimum. The feature that is totally beating other solutions is the possibility to record sessions and have the videos ready within minutes after a session ends.

We believe that is a considerable upgrade to our teachings. You can now listen to and watch any session you joined - as often as you want. Yet again we increase what you get out of our sessions. Watch a Demo session...

This is especially great news for all our existing clients as we upgrade your training to Zoom with screen recording included for free!

This is in line with our philosophy that we do not offer "sessions", but rather progression.

You can use the same link for every session (=, so there is nothing else you have to do to benefit from our new infrastructure. It is that easy. Works on PC, Mac and Smartphones alike, by the way.